Akaraugo Is Home-Bred And Has Vast International Accolades

I am Akaraugo Ajuzie from Umuakagu Nsu, [Imo state ], and I had my early education at Central School Umuakagu Nsu. I thereafter attended Kilroy College, Dublin Ireland, from where I proceeded to obtain further education at Drogheda College of Further Education, Ireland in Travel & Tourism (2005 – 2007); and obtained a business management degree at the London School of Business Management, London. I am currently a research associate and a law graduate at DBS, Dublin, Ireland.


Seasons and nature as a whole provide us with the greatest lessons for the journey of life; therefore I seek to be a visionary team member contributing effectively to the development of Nigeria, Africa and the world by promoting a qualitatively better society based on the commonwealth, human rights, and social justice under the rule of law. 


A Speech For My Maiden Attempt To Join Nigerian Politics

Peterburns Munyasya in his inspirational quote says everybody has big dreams,… But very few make big efforts.” This speaks volumes of my maiden shot to join the Nigerian political train in this 21st century…

America Politics: Can Donald Trump Be Impeached?

All the Democrats can do is impeach the president in the House of Representatives. For that, all they need is a majority vote. They don’t have to take evidence. There are no lawyers involved. But the…

George Nkencho Vs Irish Garda. A Written Argument On Behalf Of The Appellant

 The Appellant in this case is arguing that the killer Garda must be charged with murder for his racial killing. At trial, he must plead necessity as a defence to that charge and I want the… 

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